Zoe Scutter

Community Manager

Your typical vegan, oodle owning, Melburnian, content creator- this is Zoe, our community Manager! When she’s not sliding into your dm’s on behalf of Brunswick Daily, you can find her in the radio studio creating on air and digital content of a different kind. Her background in broadcast media is what has inspired her to see Brunswick Daily as not just another Instagram page, but instead a collaborative channel used to amplify local stories and keep locals up to date with what’s happening around town. You can find her on insta @zoescutter

Carolyn Huane


Carolyn is a Brunswick resident, margin doodler and marketing professional. Working from home in a tiny apartment close to Sydney Road, Carolyn spends her evenings on the couch drawing squiggly lines on her tablet. You can find her on Instagram @carolynhuane for a steady stream of comics, illustrations and cat photos. Carolyn has had her work published in the pages of Voiceworks, Antithesis and Farrago Magazine.

Carolyne illustrated Annalivia Hannan‘s story

Lucy Andrews


Lucy is a local writer who has called Brunswick home on and off since moving to Melbourne in 2015. She works as a freelance copywriter, editor, and journalist, and her work has been published in VICE Australia and Vice Asia. Her favourite podcast of 2021 is Sam George-Allen’s “First Word Pod”, and you can find her listening to it while she renovates a beach cottage on Phillip Island.

Lucy writes profiles about local projects and local legends. Private Parts is one of them.

Netta Justice


Netta moved from London to Melbourne over a decade ago, Brunswick is now well and truly home. 

She loves the mixture of people, the choice of delicious food and quality coffee. Loving nothing more than being able to step out the door to a fantastic beer garden and then onto a live music gig.  

With a background in broadcast media, she likes to take a break from the screen sometimes to communicate via words and writing.  


Sophie Berrill


Sophie Berrill is a journalist from Melbourne, who works and hangs out in Brunswick. She likes helping other, more interesting people to tell their stories and uses journalism as an excuse to ask strangers all about their lives. Her favourite shop in Brunswick is Still Good Recycled and her personal local hero is Clementine Ford.

Sophie writes our series Institutions of Brunswick

Ben Donaldson


Ben was born and raised in Melbourne but he’s been around the block a time or two and written about it on travel blogs and news websites. He works freelance in communications, teaches people to speak English and speaks it passingly well himself, alongside two and a half other languages.

Histories, mysteries and creativities are all right up his alley and are currently being harnessed in the slow-birthing of his second novel.

Ben writes the series “Whence Brunswick came”. You can read the first article here.

Sanam Goodman

Editor and Copywriter

Sanam is a Commissioning Editor and Copywriter originally from Perth, now calling Brunswick her home. Having always had a love for reading and writing, she ‘published’ her first book of poetry when she was 6 to give to her mum as a birthday present. She spends most of her spare time raiding her pantry, overestimating her abilities to bake pastries, and filling her shopping cart with beautiful but expensive homewares.

Sanam writes the series Dine in Brunswick. A local guide to fresh ingredients and cool recipes 🙂

Joseph Carbone


Joseph Carbone is a young writer living the ultimate Brunswick experience: his front room is a cafe. His main writing interests are entertainment and review, and when he’s not busy slaving for pennies, he’s probably watching a movie or having a beer.

Check out Joseph’s story Gallery Noob at Beinart

Little Thoughts Studio


Little Thoughts Studio is a place where you can order hand drawn commission illustrations, original artwork and purchase from an ever-growing series of prints that are curated from inspiring scenarios within Melbourne and afar.

Emma and Chris are the fun loving duo behind Little Thoughts Studio. They aim to see and capture the beauty and charm in all our surroundings. With their drawings, they encourage all moments to be celebrated!

Check out Little Thoughts Studio illustration in The History of Sydney Road.

Rachel Baillie

Ads Executive I Writer

Rachel is a young Melbourne based writer and advertising executive. When she’s not working and helping brands tell their stories, she likes to write her own. And when she’s not writing, you can probably find her at an inner North pub.

Rachel wrote the “Dancing in the Moonlight of The Brunswick Hotel” story


Accountant | Illustrator

Mr. Dominguez has achieved what very few artists have: finishing a career in accounting and growing an Instagram profile with international reach. Sarcasm is Mr. Dominguez’s weapon to interact with images, objects, and daily happenings.

Dominguez illustrates the series “Stop the plane” and “Dine in Brunswick

Nandita Chakraborty


Nandita was born in Kolkata and she came to Melbourne in 2000. In 2011, she had an accident while rock climbing which left her with a traumatic brain injury resulting in a cognitive disability.  She has challenged her circumstances and since then she has written two novellas and has been part of renowned international writers’ events and competitions.

Her stories usually feature in The Indian Weekly and G’day India, writing and chasing a good story has always been a passion for her storytelling – be it food or life. Nandita wrote Swaying Tom Phat for Brunswick Daily.



Pedrirou (peh-dree-row) is a compulsive illustrator. He draws since he was little inspired by his father and older brother. He enjoys using melancholy and humour as key ingredients for his visual storytelling. He is in love with socks and he’s a master in the art of forgetting passwords.

Pedrirou designed our logo, the characters you see popping up on Instagram and our website and illustrated all images in “It’s about being yourself – The 3056


Scientist | Illustrator

Cesar felt the call of drawing at a very young age, although he decided to pursue a scientific career. He is an autodidact and he has never stopped drawing, and his curious mind has led him to learn all kinds of drawing styles, from pencil to ink, watercolours and digital illustration. He is currently based in Brunswick and, along with his partner, they have recently started a project called Hart Concepts aiming to produce sustainable, ecofriendly stationery with a strong social commitment.

Cesar illustrated the cover image for “This is how I met Martin Herzog…


Web Design Geek

PJ has had a wildly varied career in media, both in Australia and the UK and, believe it or not, a short-lived but relatively successful career as a Musical Theatre performer! The realisation that being a performer really doesn’t pay the bills that well most of the time, led him back to media and into the world of web sites and their accompanying technology. He is a self-confessed geek and loves a challenge of the technical kind.

Phil helped us design this website!

Jess Riley


Jess is a Melbourne based creative that feeds off a good brainwave. Whatever the medium- animation, graphic design or illustration, she enjoys experimenting with all styles and flavours till one fits the story it’s telling. Working for Evolved Group she’s had the opportunity to design and animate graphics for Google, Telstra & YouTube, and when she’s not online she’s likely bingeing a podcast.

Jess illustrated the story “Just the Three of us

Oliver Lees

Freelance Journalist

Oliver Lees is a Melbourne-based journalist and editor, with experience writing for a number of local and international publications. You can find his full portfolio here.

Olly wrote the story “Just the Three of us


School Teacher | Art Freak

Tess is a proud, born and bred, Melbournian. She’s a full-time primary school teacher and a part-time artist or as she likes to say ‘art freak’. She loves to paint and create digital illustrations inspired by her surroundings, right here, in Melbourne.’

Tess illustrated the cover image for “Babylon Flowers, one of Sydney Road’s many wonders


Social Club Coordinator @ EBV

Madi is East Brunswick Village (EBV) social club co-ordinator and knows Brunswick East inside and out. She loves being behind the lens, socialising, and having her finger on the pulse of all things Brunswick East.

EBV is situated in the heart of Brunswick East. Its main focus is supporting Brunswick locals and creating a sense of community, through shared experiences such as events, workshops, and a public co-working space.

At Brunswick Daily, we love EBV’s blog posts where you can learn more about Brunswick. Check it out here!

Antonia Schuster

Social Worker | Writer

Antonia Schuster is a social policy worker living in Brunswick, with a keen interest in writing about social issues and themes of being a foreigner in a strange land – both in Australia and elsewhere. Published works include her short stories ‘To Pailin’, ‘Escape’ and ‘Service Disruption’, and her novella ‘Lisieux’.

Antonia is originally a social worker, and when not writing, is busy being a parent of a teenager, member of two writers’ groups, cyclist, and traveler.

Antonia wrote the “Everything’s going to be ok” story


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