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3 Official stats sources to stay on top of Lockdown

Author: Olive Mendez

Lockdown - Brunswick Daily

A lockdown extension was recently announced. Melburnians and of course, Brunswickians, must stay home until Tuesday, July 27th at 11:59 pm.

Official Sources

The amount of news can be overwhelming, so we have listed three official sources of information for you to stay informed and safe: 

  • Latest Victorian coronavirus numbers. Important to learn how the numbers that drive the government’s decisions are moving. This report is updated every day. Among other things, you will find the number of active cases, the number of cases by location (mapped by postcode or local government area), the number of daily new cases (in a bar chart), and the active cases mode of transmission (acquired in Australia or overseas). While reading this website, keep in mind the following
    • The numbers you will find were updated the day before at 10am.
    • An active case is someone who has tested positive and is currently in isolation.
    • You can “zoom in” and see the “Last 30 days” in bar charts.
  • COVIDSafe Settings. Important to comply with the current rules. The information contained on this website breaks down the reasons why you’re allowed to leave home. For example, the current restrictions allow you to leave home to shop for necessary goods and services, this website explains what those goods and services are.
  • Public Exposure Sites. Important to know if you got exposed and should be tested. On this website, you will find the locations listed as being exposed to COVID-19. The information is mainly presented in two formats. First, a map that pins exposure sites and will also find a table where you can filter information by suburb.

Getting tested

Getting tested provides the government with sample points that inform many of the numbers on the websites above. It is a formal or scientific way to respond to the question, do you have COVID? It is very important that if you have the mildest symptoms or have been to any of the exposure sites, you get tested, this helps us all to understand what should be done.

If you live in Brunswick, the closest place to get tested is Moonee Valley Racecourse. We strongly recommend you fill out the Testing Registration form before you arrive to save time and reduce exposure risks. All testing sites here.

We invite you to stay informed by visiting official websites and listening to the Premier’s press conferences. We got this Melbourne, we got this Brunswick!

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