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7 content recommendations for a 7 day lockdown

Author: Pablo Gonzalez

7-day lockdown - Brunswick Daily

A new lockdown has caught us all by surprise. I’m pretty sure that after a couple of lockdowns you’ve tried more than a few strategies to keep yourself busy while staying at home. Nevertheless, I’ve prepared a list of seven recommendations for you to explore during each one of the next seven days. 

  1. Podcast – Cautionary Tales – Day 1. Friday 28 May

I found this show fascinating. Tim Harford is an English economist, writer and journalist. He hosts Cautionary Tales with engaging storytelling within 40-minute episodes. He tells “true stories about mistakes and what we should learn from them”. And by mistakes, he means major screw-ups. Do you remember the Best Picture mix-up at the 2017 Oscars? That’s the sort of mistakes he explains and extracts lessons from.

  1. Podcast – The Anthropocene Reviewed – Day 2. Saturday 29 May.

This is yet another piece of content cleverly produced by John Green. In The Anthropocene Reviewed, John reviews different facets of the human-centered* planet on a five-star scale. In other words, he geeks out on topics recommended by his audience and based on his research and personal experience rates things that range from trivialities like Rock Paper Scissors to more complex topics like Chemotherapy or Civilization*

* These words were written in American English to respect the source.

  1. Brunswick Daily article – ‘Private Parts’ – Day 3. Sunday 30 May

After an intimate and unapologetic conversation with Fiona Macrae, Lucy Andrews shares with us the story of Private Parts. A Brunswick-based project that has gained a lot of attention because of the honesty and courage that it’s built upon. Private Parts is “an inherently collaborative space for people to converse, question, share knowledge and support one another, a space that removes the stigma of shaming people into silence over topics pertaining to their sexual and mental health”. Close this week learning more about this project and follow our Instagram page, we’ll be sharing more details about it.

  1. YouTube video – How to make time for everything – Day 4. Monday 31 May 

Monday, procrastination’s best friend. Well, this Monday I invite you to watch this video where you’ll find clear and actionable tips on how to get things done. In 15 minutes, Beatrice shares with her audience how to pack and unpack strategies. I found her advice very useful because she uses simple language, real-life examples and both online and offline tools everyone has access to.

  1. Book – The Story – Love, Loss & The Lives of Women – Day 5. Tuesday 1 June

I invite you to start June by reading a new book. It’s lockdown friendly because you can start by reading a couple of stories or totally binge on it if you want to. In this book, novelist Victoria Hislop compiled 100 great short stories “featuring two centuries of women’s short fiction, ranging from established Queens of the short story like Alice Munro and Angela Carter, to contemporary rising stars like Miranda July and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie”. 

  1. Podcast – Backyard Stories – Day 6. Wednesday 2 June 

“Listening to a good story is like reading a book that you can’t put down or watching a movie that you don’t want to end, hanging on to every word and getting more sucked in by the second…” With this phrase, Claudia Nankervis opens her podcast Backyard Stories. This podcast captures the stories told at a live open-mic event that started in Carlton. Friday 28 May was the day in which Backyard Stories was coming to Brunswick Artist’s Bar. I invite you to listen to this podcast to grow your interest and keep this local project alive. You can also read Backyard Stories journey in Tilly Graovac’s article “Out of the Backyard and into the Bar”.

  1. Brunswick Daily article – Annalivia Hannan – Day 7. Thursday 3 June

Ending lockdown with an easy-to-read article sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it? Pablo Gonzalez shares with us the story of Annalivia Hannan, the City of Moreland’s Mayor. Annalivia takes us back to the episodes that shaped her passion for community work. Passionate teachers in Brunswick, dance-offs, University politics, and Brazil’s World Cup, are just a few things that contributed to her story.

We hope you enjoy these recommendations. Let us know if you have any other lockdown-friendly content in the comments.

And remember… We’ve got this Melbourne. We’ve got this Brunswick. Stay Strong and Stay Safe. 

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