Mar 30, 2022 | Community

Catching Jack

Author: Pablo Gonzalez

How many unsolved cases are part of our collective mindset? It could be more than a dozen but I’m sure one of them has gained a special place at the top of our imagination because of the many stories we’ve heard about it.

The Ripper substituted whatever his family name was. Jack we were told his first name was and his case will probably be solved in the past by three detectives. Yes, timelines make no sense in this story where humour and tragedy catch up to create a full new version of this popular story.

Ella Lawry, Madi Savage and Millie Holten wrote an unprecedented show made for the whole family (children excluded). After an outstanding 2021 performance at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, this year the BIG BIG BIG comedy trio comes back with “Catching Jack”.

Brunswick Daily had a word with the cast of this exciting play and we discussed some of the many nuances that this story can spark from a 21st century perspective like why was he never caught? What are the stories of the women he killed? Did women commonly work as detectives back then?

As you may imagine we came up with answers as blurry as the legend goes. Some of them might be responded during the show, some of them might not, but what is certain is that you’ll have fun. 

Between the 31st of March and the 10th of April, come to The Meeting Room at the Trades Hall to witness the efforts of these three detectives in Catching Jack. Find your tickets here.

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