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Melbourne Comedy Festival at Brunswick

Author: Tony Fontaine

Illustrator: Melbourne International Comedy Festival Images

Melbourne International Comedy Festival in Brunswick

Laughter. We all love to laugh. And god, after a quite peculiar 2020 it feels like laughing is something we could definitely use! Last week I went to The Corner Hotel to see nine comedians who were testing their jokes for Melbourne’s Comedy Festival which starts tomorrow (24 March, 2021). Can you guess what most jokes were about? Yes, COVID. We were all laughing at it, what a feeling! 

Here in Brunswick, we will have the fortune to host six different shows so now that rainy days have come, we don’t have to move that much further away. Down below you will find the venues you should keep an eye on for upcoming comedy events.

Howler / 7-11 Dawson St, Brunswick

This classic bar in Brunny will host two days of Comedy Commutes. Keep in mind that you must be 18+ to attend these shows. 

Comedy Commutes - Melbourne International Comedy Fest

When: Thursday 1 April 7:30pm

Featuring: MC Michelle Brasier, Luke Heggie, Josh Glanc, Carl Donnelly (UK), Annie Louey

General admission/concession: $35/$29. Get tickets here.


When: Friday 2 April 5:30pm

Featuring: MC Georgie Carroll, Daniel Connell, Ivan Aristeguieta, Blake Freeman, Randy Feltface

General admission/concession: $35/$29. Get tickets here.


When: Friday 2 April, 8:30pm

Featuring: MC Carl Donnelly (UK), Kirsty Webeck, Takashi Wakasugi (Japan), Dolly Diamond, David Quirk

General admission/concession: $35/$29. Get tickets here.

Brunswick Ballroom / 314 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

This brand new venue is really taking seriously the task of bringing some entertainment to Brunswick. For the Comedy Festival, they’re hosting five different shows.

The Brunswick Ballroom - Melbourne Comedy Festival

Deets for all shows here:

Dustyesky — Suitable for audiences All Ages (Brunswick Ballroom is a Licensed venue and no under 18s are permitted, so DM them on Instagram first).

  • Fri 2 Apr: 5pm & 8pm;
  • Sat 3 Apr: 5pm & 9pm;
  • Sun 4 Apr: 5pm

Description: ‘Most Handsome Russian Male Choir to be seen in the Southern Hemisphere’. 28 bearded blokes from the Northern Rivers coastal community of Mullumbimby come together to share beers and sing Russian songs, something extraordinary.

Prices: $48-$69 (buy tickets here)


Pants on Fire — Suitable for audiences 18+

  • Wed 24 Mar: 8.30pm;
  • Wed 31 Mar: 8.30pm;
  • Wed 7 Apr: 8.30pm;
  • Wed 14 Apr: 8.30pm

Description: Pants on Fire is a live onstage panel game, which started as a way to stay sane during lockdown and now explodes live onstage.

Prices: $30 (buy tickets here)


This F*cking Lady — Suitable for audiences 16+ (Brunswick Ballroom is a Licensed venue and no under 18s are permitted, so DM them on Instagram first).

  • Wed 24 Mar: 7pm;
  • Fri 26 Mar: 7pm;
  • Sun 28 Mar: 7pm;
  • Wed 31 Mar – Sat 3 Apr: 7pm;
  • Wed 7 Apr – Sat 10 Apr: 7pm;
  • Wed 14 Apr – Sat 17 Apr: 7pm

Description: Amanda Muggleton (The Book Club, Hollyoaks, Prisoner Cell Block H) brings Coral Browne to sparkling life and puts this Grande Dame back in the spotlight where she belongs.

Prices: $45-$50 (buy tickets here)


Tripod — Suitable for audiences All Ages (Brunswick Ballroom is a Licenced venue and no under 18s are permitted, so DM them on Instagram first).

  • Sun 28 Mar: 2pm;
  • Sun 4 Apr: 2pm;
  • Sun 11 Apr: 2pm;
  • Sun 18 Apr: 2pm

Description: Three-part harmony arranged with extraordinary complexity – accompanied by guitars and piano – make the backbone of a live Tripod concert, a loosely choreographed, expertly-timed comedy show

Prices: $40 (buy tickets here)


VulgarGrad — Suitable for audiences 18+

  • Thu 8 Apr: 9pm
  • Sat 10 Apr: 9pm

Description: Sometimes good men do bad things… VulgarGrad bring you the old songs of the Russian thieves (called blatnie pesny or blatnyak), along with punk classics of the Perestroika era and a strong dose of contemporary St. Petersburg swearing ska.

Prices: $35 (buy tickets here)

So, now you know where and when to enjoy a burst of good laughter in Brunswick during this year’s Comedy Festival. 

And since we Brunswickians like visiting other suburbs take a look at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s website and explore what this great event brings us this year!

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