Oct 16, 2020 | Community

Over Melody

Author: Pablo Gonzalez

You know when you just feel like writing? Now I’m feeling that kind of feeling. It’s more like I don’t feel like doing nothing else. I’ve been thinking during my daily activities about the topics I can capture in words. A writer’s lens I’d call it. Calling myself a writer sounds pompous but it is what I’m doing now, so yeah, a writer I am, why not?

Does a writer need readers? I’d say no but it’s like that philosophical question “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” Google, are you reading me? I’m sure you are, sneaky bastard. That’s why I also enjoy writing on paper; more private, more intimate, more honest (?). Am I being dodgy with my own thoughts because this will potentially be read by another human being (sorry Google, you’re not even close)?

For a couple of months, I’ve been building a Playlist with a friend and I’ve been having so much fun doing it. We started it to play it as background music during a video call date (you know, COVID times). The level of intimacy it makes me feel towards the music and the emotions it evokes is something I really enjoy. I also like thinking those emotions are somewhat shared with her and I feel we know each other at a certain layer that only music can touch.

Oversharing, overthinking, overlistening are, I would say, some of my strongest characteristics. Can they be all summarised in a single word? Intense, maybe? Luke, the intense one! You know, the guy who kept telling us personal stories and asking sometimes uncomfortable questions. Ooooh yeah yeah, I know who you mean. Yes, me.

The other day I wrote the definition of melody. It is technical in a way. It is romantic in another. It is also playful, I think. It is mine but it isn’t, I just put words to it. 

Melody is music’s language to tell a story

I like it. I like the stories I imagine when I listen to music. I like learning a new song by referral and imagining what the referee imagined when she listened to that song and what thoughts went through her head when thinking of sharing it with me, and of course, I like the pictures, phrases, moments, words that come to my very own head when I listen.

I’m really overthinking what to write next. That’s when I think I shouldn’t be writing anymore. See? Overthinker. How many layers or repetitions of thinking define overthinking? Maybe if I count them and find a pattern… haha one layer for you Pablo, the intense. Overthinker! I like it in a way, because sometimes it takes me down pathways that are new and fun but sometimes those pathways are dark and not fun at all, maybe necessary but definitely sometimes not fun.

When music stops being created we will be lost, won’t we? I don’t see, with my forecaster superpowers, this happening ever. Life is music, I guess. Music is life, guess I. Let’s live to make music, let’s make music to stay alive. You can thank me later for your tagline, you future music label that doesn’t exist yet (I heard that they don’t call them music labels anymore?).

Will I keep being an over-me? I guess. I hope. I like overthinking that I’ll eventually find the right melody for my thoughts, words, and ears and I like oversharing my emotions with melodies that I can overlisten to imagine a better life 🙂

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