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Explore Brunswick and find unimagined treasures

Author: Pablo Gonzalez

3 Hidden Gems - Brunswick Daily

Brunswick, East and West included, have so many secrets that listing only three in this article seems unfair to the rest. But to be completely honest, some of these places remain under the radar for a reason so just bringing you a sprinkle of them would, I presume, keep them as they are and maintain our suburb’s essence for longer.

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Deaccessioned - Brunswick Daily

This shop is unique. Why?

It’s not open during usual hours. It doesn’t sell the typical Brunswick second-hand shop items. It’s not located at a commercial spot. This roundabout corner also breathes history. A Milk Bar managed by a Lebanese family and an Art Studio precede the history of the current curiosities trader.  Pro Tip: Ask about the book published by the Artists who owned the studio. 

Mediterranean Wholesalers

Wholesale Mediterranean

Ok ok. I know. If anything, Mediterranean Wholesalers is an institution, not a hidden gem. Well, it is… but only to the common eye. Next time you go to Mediterranean Wholesalers  walk towards the left-hand side of the shop and just after the wine section you will find an Italian coffee bar and a counter with cakes, biscuits and sweet treats!  Pro tip: Bring cash and order a Pistachio cake.


I respect so much this place for its authenticity, uniqueness, and personality that I won’t share a photo in this article. The variety of items in this shop is wild. In it you will find asian goodies and groceries, second-hand and new clothes, kitchen items, home decorations, and the piece of resistance, sushi. Freshly made on-the-spot sushi!  I invite you to take a walk or catch tram 59 to find it nearly at the corner of Melville and Moreland Roads. Pro tip: Grab yourself a bottle of Ramune from the fridge. Ramune is a famous Japanese soft drink contained within a very unique bottle. 

This article was written, edited, and published on the stolen lands of the Wurundjeri-woi wurrung People, whose sovereignty was never ceded.

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