Feb 17, 2021 | Dine In Brunswick

Dine in Brunswick

Author: Sanam Goodman

Illustrator: Licenciado Dominguez

Looking where to find fresh products in Brunswick to cook international recipes for your guests? Sanam guides you through Brunswick’s streets and shops for your dinner parties.

I’d take a dinner party over a meal eaten out any day. Don’t get me wrong – I love bustling restaurants where I get to eat and drink an unlimited supply of free bread and sparkling water (or so I like to tell myself). And, of course, I love having people that are great at cooking make meals for me that I wouldn’t consider making for myself at home. My attempts at recreating some foods that I’ve eaten out end up just not being quite right in some way. The fish is never crispy enough in my fish tacos, and my pad thai overcooks more often than not. There are some tricks of the trade that feel impossible to learn, and sometimes it seems like the only option is to pay someone else to feed you (or you can be persistent and use the right local ingredients to try and recreate them at home – keep reading if this is you!).  There’s something about a dinner party, though, that just feels right. 

Lady Caroline from Oscar Wilde’s A Woman of No Importance waxed lyrical about them, telling Miss Worsley that ‘after a good dinner one can forgive anybody’ and some of the best movie scenes have been during dinner – think Meet the Parents or American Beauty. Now when I talk about dinner parties, I don’t mean the cookie cutter, flaunt your China, Martha Stewart-esque, hors d’oeuvres and oysters, separate plate for bread, dinner parties. No, I’m with Alison Roman, best-selling cookbook author, New York Times columnist and food editor at Bon Appetit, who has rejected the entire concept of such events. She opts to call it ‘having people over’ instead, showing us the social, cultural and communal importance of simply bringing people together to do something as basic as enjoying a meal. For the sake of my love for fancying things up, however, I will continue to call them dinner parties.  

And what better place to host a dinner party than Brunswick? It’s a trove of fresh ingredients and multicultural delights, all found only a couple of tram stops away from eachother. The fact that I could find almost any recipe and not have to leave my suburb to buy the ingredients really speaks for itself. So, when the time comes to have people over or entertain or whatever you’d like to call it really, I jump at the opportunity. 

This ‘Dine in Brunswick’ series serves as a handy, local guide for whenever you’re thinking of hosting your next food filled soiree and want to know where to find the best goods for it. I’ve spent most of my time living in Brunswick walking up the main roads and down the side streets, trying out new places and going back to the old (again…and again). Here you’ll find tips on ingredients, food and drinks for a range of cuisines, including Italian, Lebanese and Greek, perfect for when you’re having people over or if you’re just planning on expanding your repertoire of impressive foods to cook for a rainy day. Who knows, you might even get a cheeky recipe every now and then!

So, if there’s an ingredient you’ve had trouble finding or a cuisine you’d like to impress your friends or potential romantic interests with, let me know in the comments below, and I’ll (try to) help you make the magic happen.


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