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Jacqueline Mifsud – I Believe This is Yours (13-23 Apr)

Winner Best of the Fest 2019 Hobart Fringe.

Recipient 2020 Stand Up! Grant.

Jacqueline Mifsud is conflicted. She’s silly yet smart, dark yet hopeful, self deprecating yet empowering; basically she has many wolves inside her and one hell of a vet bill!

Jacqueline grew up in a time where it was very uncool to believe in yourself. Growing up as an ethnic kid who was never allowed to feel she is reclaiming what was discouraged. Relieving herself of all her past beliefs, burdens and trauma and claiming her fiery, energetic and emotionally mature side. We all carry so much that’s not ours and this show is making up for lost time…by letting go of it all very publicly.

It’s taken Jacqueline Mifsud 37 years but she’s finally realised that she’s not responsible for anyone else’s happiness and is allowed to enjoy her life via therapy, self love and Muay Thai.

Through one hour of dark, sharp and heartfelt laughs discover what made her stop trying to ‘get somewhere’ and started enjoying where she was, all in her unmatched rapid-fire style proving why she’s one of Australia’s most unique and dynamic comedians.

If you’re into trauma bonding or like laughing at the shit life throws at you until you cry… Why don’t you treat yourself! Eat something yummy, wear a nice hat, roll down a hill and buy tickets to her show – you deserve it!

Jacqueline Mifsud is a French speaking Maltese-Australian comedian who has entertained audiences all over Australia and Internationally at the Edinburgh and New Zealand Fringe festivals.

Audience Warm Up Artist for ABC’s Q&A and Ch10’s ‘Would I lie to you’ Fox Footy’s ‘Bounce’

She is also a Writer, Actor and TV & Radio Presenter who used to live in Paris and won’t shut up about it!

Thu 13 Apr – Sun 23 Apr: 7.15pm

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Apr 23 2023


8:00 am




The Motley Bauhaus - Cabaret Stage
118 Elgin St, Carlton


Melbourne International Comedy Festival
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