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6 Best meals in Brunny for $10 or less

Author: Pablo Gonzalez

Best under 10

One of the experiences we can still enjoy during lockdown is eating! Sure, we cannot book a table but Brunswick is very fortunate to have a wide variety of cuisines and amazing places for takeaway, don’t you think? And while cooking from home is always the safest choice for your wallet, getting a nice meal outside to socialise with the person behind the counter or with the people queuing makes spending a few extra dollars worth it these days.

To save you from going poor while still having a lovely meal outside, we have prepared a list of what we consider are some of the best meals for $10 or less in Brunswick.

  • La Manna Fresh. If you live in Brunswick you surely have paid a visit to these guys to get some fresh veggies, flowers, or bread but have you noticed they sell fresh paninis? Yes, go to the deli section at the back of the store where you can have an Italian sandwich made on the spot. The veggie, mortadella, and ham paninis cost $5.99, while the prosciutto one costs $7.99 (all these come with lettuce, cheese, and tomato). Upgrade your meal with a chicken schnitzel roll for $9.99.
La Manna - Brunswick Daily

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  • A1 Bakery. We all love A1 Bakery and you may agree with me that our love has to do with the nice people who work there, the sense of community you get the very instant you cross the door and their prices, OMG the prices! Vegan, meat lover, omnivore? You’ll find something for yourself. The heavenly Halloumi Cheese Pie costs $4.00, the tangy Zataar with veggies $5.50 and the Labne Pizza only $7.50. Trust me, the list could go on and on but we invite you to visit these guys and find out for yourself.
A1 Bakery - Brunswick Daily

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  • Kines Coffee. A coffee shop located in what seems to have been a workshop or a warehouse in its past life and that screams BRUNSWICK right at your face has amazing coffee but they also do meals and one of the items on their menu made it to our list. We invite you to try Kines’ yummy Toastie made with grandma’s pickled beetroot and cheddar for $10.
Kines - Brunswick Daily

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Ovens Street Bakery. Self-defined as a micro-bakery, this cute, rustic, and rough-looking venue also grabs a spot on our list with a toastie, well more than one. For exactly $10 you can get three kinds of toasties. Mushroom, salami, and scrambled eggs are your options. Each one comes with tasty complements like caramelized onion, Napoli sauce, and relish. These sandwiches are typically sold out so waste no time and go grab yours!

Ovens Street Bakery - Brunswick Daily

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Hot Bread Bakery. Did anyone say Vietnamese roll? I really like this place because it is only what it is, it doesn’t pretend to be something else. And the best thing is that you can taste this authenticity in their delicious rolls! With meals that range from $5.50 to only $7.50 you can get a Cheese Salad, a Pork Meatball roll or their delicious Roast Pork with crackle roll (I literally just finished eating one of these, yum, yum!). 

Hot Bread - Brunswick Daily

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  • Very Good Falafel. Trust me when I say that I almost forgot to include this jewel in the crown but I will treat it as such. Its quality is just as literal and transparent as its name and that’s why with or without lockdown people just line up and risk it all to get one of their delicious meals. To have made it to our list they need meals under ten dollars and they certainly do. Get a Falafel with a Pita for $10 or a small salad for $7. With either, you won’t go wrong.
Very Good Falafel - Brunswick Daily

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I’m pretty sure I missed more than one place with criminally low prices and this list could grow bigger. So don’t be shy, drop us a comment and let us and other readers know where else can we find delicious meals for under ten dollars in Brunswick.

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08/10/2021 5:28 am

A delicious Edward sandwich (roast chicken pesto roast potato spinach tasty cheese on choice of breads) for $8.50 is huge, fresh and a bargain at POACHED in Lygon St just before Glenlyon..

Brunswick Daily
Reply to  kateling
08/10/2021 2:03 pm

That sounds yummy, thanks for sharing!