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Best coffees to explore Brunswick borders

Author: Pablo Gonzalez

Best Coffees - Brunswick Daily

Cafe-hopping, probably one of the most underappreciated Melburnians’ skills. On this occasion, we build up your coffee scouting toolkit by bringing you four – probably – new coffee options. Each of these coffee shops sits nearly or exactly on one of Brunswick’s borders covering each of the four main directions in a compass.

Young Leopard – NORTH

Moreland Road, the northern border of Brunswick is home to this coffee shop. It’s got personality, it’s got quick service, it’s got community vibes, it’s got smiles behind the counter, it’s got flavour, it’s got pastries, and it’s got the unmissable signage of a handsome Young Leopard who could have easily joined Marsellus Wallace’s hitmen.

Best Coffee North - Brunswick Daily

Young Leopard in a black suit! (click on the image to find it on the map)

Milkwood – EAST

Near our beloved Merri Creek or Brunswick’s eastern border, you will find Milkwood on Nicholson Street. An unpretentious coffee shop with a big window that welcomes comforting natural light in the mornings. Milkwood also has a very nice room at the back where you can comfortably have brunch if that’s what you’re looking for. Can’t decide what to order? Take my word and try the egg and bacon sandwich.

Best Coffee East - Brunswick Daily

Milkwood on Nicholson (click on the image to find it on the map)

Duke of Grantham – SOUTH

This coffee shop brings royalty and splendour to the southmost part of Grantham Street. And don’t get me wrong, the elegance The Duke brings relies on its simplicity and attention to detail. Their coffee is delicious and their service is warmed by Frank’s smile. A great option for you if you have never explored this part of Brunswick.

Best Coffee South - Brunswick Daily.jpg

Royalty and splendour on Grantham Street (click on the image to find it on the map)

John Gorilla – WEST

Pearson Street is where our last recommendation lives. Joanna and her team make you feel welcome as soon as you cross the front door. In addition to great coffee, John Gorilla has multiple spaces, so every time you visit them you can change scenarios. “The west is the best” Jim Morrison said in “The End” but don’t just take his word for it and visit John Gorilla next time you’re cafe-hopping.

Best Coffee West - Brunswick Daily

I saw John Gorilla does “colourful brekkies” somewhere on the internet (click on the image to find it on the map)

Do you have any recommendations to explore Brunswick’s borders? Pop them in the comments below and let us know!

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Laurel Kinross
Laurel Kinross
17/08/2022 6:40 pm

The Factory, Victoria Street Brunswick West
Family affair, great food and top coffee

Janet Maruzza
Janet Maruzza
18/08/2022 4:58 am

What about Sorrento Cafe on Sydney Rd. Great Coffee there.