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Rock n’ Roll and wash away your envy!

Author: Pablo Gonzalez

Malocchio - Brunswick Daily

What do you get when you combine Rock n’ Roll, Italian superstition, and an explosive and passionate couple? You get Malocchio, a Hard Seltzer with an inspiring personality that invites you to use the power of envy to accomplish your hopes and dreams.

Brunswick’s couple Anna Chiera and Antonio ‘Tony’ Marra, named their 5% ABV Seltzer after arguably the most popular superstition in Italy, the ‘evil eye’ or Malocchio (pronounced ‘ma-lo-kio’). The Malocchio is associated with the green eye or envy and how do you get rid of it? With a hand gesture aka ‘mano cornuto’ aka the Rock n’ Roll salute!

Malocchio Hard Seltzer - Brunswick Daily

We who are about to Rock salute you! Black Cherry, Finger Lime and Kakadu Plum.

But let me take you a few years back in time before Malocchio came to be. The year was 2017, Anna and Tony both went to a Celebration of Chris Cornell tribute show at The Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood. They didn’t know each other but the universe was attentively listening. Members from ‘Cosa Nostra’, Tony’s band, along with other amazing local musicians were playing on stage and Anna was mournfully Rock n’ Rolling from the front row asking the stars a question.

“How do I get to meet a guy like that? I was upset because Cornell passed away and I’d had a few beers so I didn’t talk to this guy… I was just not in the right moment…”

A year later the stars aligned, Anna and Tony connected and chatted for two weeks about music…

“… yeah, I’m in this band…”

Anna went to his Facebook page and she found a video…

“Hey! That’s Chris Cornell’s concert, I’m in the front there! Oh my god, it’s that guy! Wow! It happened! I met him!” 

Their first date was at the Elvis Big Band tribute show and in 2019, they moved to Brunswick together. While they easily realised that Rock n’ Roll was their backbone, common language, and happy place, during their first year together they also found out that many of their differences were complementary. Tony is a creative shopfitter with a passion for ideating and Anna is a product developer with a passion for spreadsheets.

Anna and Tony - Brunswick Daily

“I have wonderful ideas but I don’t know how to execute anything – No worries, Tony! I’ve got your back!”

Infamous 2020 came along and in February, Anna’s job as Production Manager was made redundant, so she started a small business course and the pre-Malocchio conversations started to unfold.

“I can’t remember exactly what happened… it might have been a memory of this drink… this drink that I used to do when I was a kid… and I don’t know how it went from our initial idea to Seltzers but we thought it would be a good idea to start…” Tony recalls.

With Tony’s vision and Anna’s expertise, they got to work sourcing all the ingredients and spent 6 months sampling a variety of different flavours to come up with Malocchio’s unique seltzer formula.

Malocchio is a Hard Seltzer that is not only refreshing and crisp like soda water, but also subtly sweet with natural fruit flavours, and an honest not-so-subtle kick.

Today, Malocchio is in Brunswick to Rock n’ Roll and wash away your envy! You can find Malocchio at a range of places around Melbourne including at Brunswick locals like SUPA IGA on Sydney Road or Daddy Bar on Blyth Street.

When you get your Malocchio take a close look at the can to find: 

  • The design driven by a tarot card.
  • The ‘mano cornuta’ or Rock n’ Roll sign inspired by the subgenre of science fiction that incorporates retro futuristic technology and aesthetics known as Steampunk!
  • The secret little code showing 2020, the year they launched, in Roman numerals “M – M – X – X” in each corner of the label.
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22/10/2022 7:37 am

WHAT A GREAT STORY with A bit of love and great idea a lot can hppn