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Schooners in Brunswick

Author: Pablo Gonzalez

Schooners - Brunswick Daily

I’ve noticed that the size of your beer cup is something that can spark a bar debate in a Melbourne pub. Pot or Pint? Well, there’s a third option that continues to gain presence in our pubs. The Schooner.

Schooners are becoming more ubiquitous and for their own particular reasons (traditions, beer flavour, aroma, foam stability) some people are not happy to welcome this mid-sized cup to the party. If you asked me, I like having three options available and it depends on the occasion to whether I choose a small (285mL Pot), medium (425mL Schooner) or a large (570mL Pint) sized cup.

Rather than opening a pub debate with this article, I want to present you with 4 places where you can find a Schooner in Brunswick (presented in alphabetical order).

Pro Tip: click on the photos to find the venue on maps.

Daddy Bar

Daddy Bar- Brunswick Daily

This Pub on Blyth just off Sydney Rd is a perfect place to gather up with your mates, go on a dating-app first date, or even go by yourself. Lot’s of personality, great tunes, and super friendly staff will always remind you that Daddy Loves You. Beer on tap (Schooners of course!), cocktails, and seltzers are part of their drinks repertoire.

Pro tip: Happy Hour Tue-Sat 4-6pm

Green Acre

Green Acre - Brunswick Daily

The Green Acre is a pizza place on Victoria Street.  While this is a restaurant with booths, cozy dim light and perfectly volumed music, you also get the feeling of being in a pub. How do they do that? well I think it has to do with their wide variety of beer (Schooners and Jugs only from the tap!), sticker friendly toilets, and a hectic bar. In my opinion, this could easily be a Brunswick sitcom location (should I pitch that idea to someone?).

Pro Tip: Cheap Tuesdays $17 pizza.


Bar Oussou - Brunswick Daily

Brunswick is full of spots where you can have rich conversations but at Bar Oussou is where you can probably have the most entertaining chats. Patrons from everywhere, a cozy beer garden, live music, and a dance floor detonate debates of all flavours, colours, and sizes. And I almost forget, they do serve schooners!

Pro Tip: Happy Hour Thurs-Sun 5:30-8:00pm

Railway Hotel

Railway Hotel - Brunswick Daily

Not too long ago, the Railway Hotel reopened its doors on Albert Street. Rumours from its not too distant past still travel the streets of Brunswick from mouth to mouth. The architects shook off every last bit of its past with a smart design that hosts parties, footy games on a huge screen, or more cosy gatherings at their “Corner Bar” (highly recommended). Also, don’t forget why they’re listed here, they serve schooners.

Pro Tip: Happy Hour Mon-Fri 4:00-7:00pm

Two more places where you can find schooners in Brunswick include Whole Lotta Love Bar on Lygon Street or The Brunswick Green on Sydney Road.

Note: The cover photo in this article is from Daddy Bar.

Do you prefer wine or cider over beer particularly during winter? Check out the Mulled Drinks options that Brunswick’s got for you.

This article was written, edited, and published on the stolen lands of the Wurundjeri-woi wurrung People, whose sovereignty was never ceded

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Pete B
Pete B
10/02/2024 10:40 am

Gales Brewpub on Gale St, East Brunswick also serves schooners.