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Update your dating app profile

Author: John Bedney

Human Love Quest Cover - Brunswick Daily

Rare is to find the pleasure of witnessing the birth of true love, watching the very start of a relationship, and learning the phrase that captivated a romance seeker. Less rare yet quirky is the humour and energy that the hosts of Human Love Quest use as a vehicle to entertain us every last Tuesday of the month at the Brunswick Ballroom.

That’s right. In a show full of spicy banter, audacity, and sarcasm Dr Gretta, Conor, Xander, and The Captain will guide you through a memorable night designed for humans of all genders and orientations… 

Let me give you the nitty gritty of the show…

The Brunswick Ballroom

If you’ve never been to Brunswick Ballroom you’re in for a treat. Local rumours say this place used to be called Metropolis Reception – a Greek wedding venue. And while it holds the vibe of a place for such kinds of events, it is also perfect for hosting Human Love Quest. Big chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, red velvet theatre curtains on the walls, and a simple but elegant stage with a big screen and a mezzanine at its back.

Now, focus on the stage and mezzanine image so I can tell you more about Human Love Quest…

Your hosts

The stage is divided into two sections separated by screen panels. Conor and Xander make their entrance walking down the wooden stairs that connect the mezzanine with the stage. “This crowd is too cool for school!” Conor tells the audience while Xander plays along the game. All of a sudden, you realise the other two member of the crew, Dr Gretta and The Captain, are at the back of the room DJ-ing co-hosting from the sound check console. The show has only started but you already feel part of it…

Human Love Quest hosts - Brunswick Daily

Solo waits for hopefuls

There are 4 contestants in total. One of them is the “solo” contestant while the other three, the “hopefuls”. The first participant to be called upon stage from the crowd is the solo who anxiously waits in a throne-like chair after being introduced to the public. Conor and Xander call upon and welcome the hopefuls who walk down the stairs from the mezzanine. 

God, it’s like being at the Oscars, I shit you not!

Oscars - Brunswick Daily

True story

Let the Quest begin!

Once the solo contestant is behind the screen, the questions to the hopefuls begin. This is when you take your phone out, open your dating app profile and update your prompts! You will hear witty answers to questions like how would your friends describe your type based on your dating history? or what’s the worst thing your ex ever did to you? and way more cheeky “F, marry or kill” prompts.

Hopefuls also get the chance to shoot back some questions. After both sides of the stage have satisfied their curiosity, the solo contestant chooses the lucky one to have a private chat with a bottle of bubbly on the house! 

Human Love Quest - Brunswick Daily

There’s two rounds of solo finds love during the show!

Sides for the main dish

There are two sides to accompany the main dish of the night which is, of course, finding love for contestants. These sides are prepared to bring some love to the audience. First, Dr Gretta responds to assistants’ spicy questions about sex, love, and life. Also, Conor and Xander read out loud written dedications of love prepared by members of the crowd who are too shy to tell their feelings to someone else in the audience!

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