Jan 9, 2021 | Food & Drink

Before getting too philosophical – visit Union St Brewers

Author: Pablo Gonzalez

Illustrator: Pedrirou

Bagels, smoothies and delicious coffee

There’s something beautiful about thinking and identifying the moment that sparked an idea, a project, or a story. And while that moment might be a combination of many other instants, situations, or happenings, there’s a certain pride in finding the episode that detonated change, am I right?

Before getting too philosophical, I’d like to focus on a moment in the life of Parveen. The moment when he had his first cup of coffee in 2001. It was an Americano, there’s little room to misinterpret the translation of this word into English. Wikipedia tells us that there is a popular, but unconfirmed belief that the name of this coffee and its recipe have their origins in World War II when American G.I.s in Italy would dilute espresso with hot water to approximate the coffee to which they were accustomed. We’ll probably never know that for certain… because what can we ever know for certain, right?

Before getting too philosophical, I’d like to focus on what we do know. Parveen loved the taste of coffee and its natural and contrasting bitter sweetness when he first tried it . Following his taste buds, he jumped from Americano to Caramel Macchiato and this became his new favourite coffee for the next ten years. Today, he drinks it straight and strong and loves the natural sweetness that top quality beans and top of the line brewing methods bring to a good cup of coffee. Have you ever wondered how and why we choose what we like and maybe realising that you have always liked what you have always liked?

But of course, before getting too philosophical, let’s add another element to this narrative. Parveen has been able to bring together his passion for good quality coffee with key components of his own story. He has worked in the hospitality industry for a long while now, and he grew an interest in finding new ways to connect people by providing them a physical space, great and novel food and, of course, a good cup of coffee! It’s amazing how human beings can be so simple and demand nice food, a nice and cozy place and feel connected in order to feel comfortable. Is it really that simple or do we need much more than that?

Illustration by Pedrirou

Ok ok, I’m not even going to explore the many answers and nuances that question could have. What I will explore is what all the moments described have detonated. Parveen is an avid and passionate researcher of new recipes, experiences and quality. He was able to materialise this passion with Union St Brewers, a coffee shop located in the heart of Brunswick, not too far from Sydney Rd and RMIT’s Brunswick Campus.

Illustration by Pedrirou

Union St Brewers philosophy is focused on giving its customers memorable experiences. Freshly baked Montreal style bagels, smoothies with cool names (the Green Goddess leads the coolnes tally), innovative Mocktails, and meals appealing to your inner sweet monster but also to your healthy, vegan, and fresh side.

And just remember, before getting too philosophical, go to Unions St Brewers and find the moments with friends and family that will detonate your future life stories.

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