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3 ways to treat yourself in Brunswick

Author: Leia Mulroy

Hey Brunswick, it’s officially time to treat yourself! 

What a ride we’ve had over the last 18 months! No matter how the lockdown experience looked and felt for you, one thing is for sure, our daily routine and ways of stress relief were most likely disrupted or vanished altogether. Long days in front of a computer or desk, working or studying from home, can not only leave the body a little stiff and sore but can store stress in the body creating added tension and pain. Headaches, loss of focus and concentration, disrupted sleep patterns and stored emotions can result in a dysregulated nervous system and nervous response as well as feelings of exhaustion and depletion. 

Sit back and relax as we take you through some special experiences you can have right here in our special hub. 


From relaxation and deep tissue massage to something a little special like a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi experience or Indian head massage, a therapeutic massage is really something special. Physical touch has been shown to tap into the pleasure centres of the brain, reducing anxiety and stress by boosting serotonin and dopamine, two neurohormones involved in regulating mood, creating a sense of calmness, safety, and improved sleep. 

Laura Bryant, massage therapist from Brunswick Holistic Health gives us her perspective of offering such a treatment to her clients. 

“There’s something truly magical when you are lucky enough to receive an amazing massage! One that relieves your tension, aches and pains while also whisking you away into a deeply relaxed state, altering your state of consciousness while you teeter in that beautiful relaxing space between awake and asleep. It’s also the most fulfilling for me to watch the transformation the client takes from when they walk in the massage room, to when they walk out with a big smile on their face and sigh of relief in their presence.”

Brunswick Holistic Health - Brunswick Daily

Laura from Brunswick Holistic Health. Photo: Laura Bryant

A range of therapeutic massage treatments can be found from Laura and the highly skilled team at Brunswick Holistic Health

Infrared Sauna

Indulged a little over the lockdown period? Maybe something a little more heated is your thing! If you haven’t experienced the effects of an Infrared sauna yet, you’re in for a treat.

Infrared saunas work by gently heating the body from the inner core first, detoxifying the organs and releasing cellular toxic build-up such as heavy metals, alcohol, nicotine, excess fluid, and cholesterol. As the body heats up it safely expels the toxins via the skin. This direct, deeper tissue penetration of heat enhances muscle recovery and joint health, skin rejuvenation benefits, improved metabolism, and a reduction in systemic inflammation. 

What do you need to do? Nothing! Lay back, close your eyes and sweat away the stress.  

Infrared saunas are available at Brunswick Holistic Health, Fresh Treatments, and Brunswick East Wellness and Detoxification Centre. 

hyperbaric- Brunswick Daily

Hyperbaric Oxygen. Photo: Brunswick East Wellness & Detoxification Centre

Vitamin and Mineral Intravenous (IV) Infusion Therapy 

Feeling like something a little spicier? This might be just what you need.

Overwork (and play), chronic stress, burnout, disrupted sleep and a poor diet can leave the body depleted in key nutrients such as magnesium, vitamin C, B complex, zinc and electrolytes. These nutrients all play a role in our body’s cellular energy cycle, sleep hormones as well as thyroid and endocrine function, muscle repair and inflammation. 

As we are still in the early stages of post lockdown, re-entering ‘life’ again can be more challenging and stressful than expected. IV nutrient therapy infusions go straight to the source, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract and liver that can alter absorption and nourish the cells and tissues where it’s needed most. 

Head on down to Fresh Treatments and ask about their range of vitamin and mineral IV infusions to give you back the zest in your step. 

Leia is a Brunswick based Naturopath and the founder of Kambaba Wellness, a place to connect and share all things holistic health and more recently founded sister business Kambaba Herbals, producing a small line of medicinal organic herbal tea blends. Follow her on Instagram or check out her websites, and feel free to reach out and say hello!

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