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Entegra health – a complete experience

Author: Pablo Gonzalez

Illustrator: Cesar Sanchez

Entegra Health

Sometimes bringing together elements that at first glance seem unlikely to come along nicely produces great outcomes. Take for instance a delicious Hawaiian pizza… ok ok that was a long shot. But think about Alison Kraus with her blue-grass country-style sound and Robert Plant with his unique voice in their Grammy award-winning album Raising Sand, or Simba, Timon and Pumbaa, or curiosity, massage therapy and music!

Rani and Phil met each other five years ago working together in a remedial massage clinic located in South Bank. Their work chemistry was very good from the beginning and it didn’t take them too long to start ideating a project together.

Rani and Phil - Entegra Health

Source: Entegra Health

Rani attributes growing up in a country town, her passion for music, her mother working in aged care and her father being a nurse to her ability to make and grow connections with her community. Also, Rani’s unique skillset gives her an edge that few massage therapists have. Prior to gaining her diploma as a remedial massage therapist, Rani worked as an archaeological consultant which provided her with the understanding of addressing health and wellbeing needs in local communities.

Phil on the other hand brings to the table a vast array of strengths. He plays the guitar and was part of a local music band. He has a grown passion for developing businesses in the health care sector and he also enjoys combining technology, digital platforms and actionable design to connect businesses with their community. On top of these skills, Phil is also a massage therapist and myotherapist. He sees curiosity expressed through questions as the cornerstone for understanding the challenges that a body in distress can bring to his patients.

There was something that Rani and Phil realised pretty quickly when they first met and that was a shared history as musicians and songwriters. Music was a key element, the connector that brought together their skills and narrative. Harmony, teamwork and synchrony made them bring to fruition a new business in Brunswick that mixes powerful elements to support the local community.

Entegra Health came to life just a few months before COVID-19 hit Melbourne. As we all know and have experienced in Melbourne, many unanticipated consequences and heaps of uncertainty reshaped and redefined our expectations. Entegra Health had to change locations twice before arriving at its current home on Albert Street. Its name, Entegra, comes from basque and it encompasses the concepts of whole and complete.

And that is exactly what you get from their therapies, completeness. Good massage therapy, Rani and Phile tell us, comes from combining good technical with great interpersonal skills. Entegra’s services include remedial massage, pregnancy massage, sports/deep tissue massage, cupping and corporate massage. If you’re curious about these services, stay posted because we will learn more about them in another story!

Entegra Health - Phil and Rani

Source: Entegra Health

Now you know, at Entegra Health you can experience the power of harmoniously bringing together curiosity, massage therapy and music! Rani, Phil and their experienced team can combine the unimaginable to deliver a powerful and complete therapy.

You can book a session online or give them a call on 0483 807 887. When booking by phone mention this article to get a 25% discount on your initial session!

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