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Lawz Drawz - Brunswick Daily
Lawz Drawz illustratez Melbz

Lawz Drawz illustratez Melbz

What advice would you give your 18-year-old self?

Laura Holley, aka Lawz Drawz, shares in this interview the answer to that question and talks about how she jumped from fine arts, to photography, to project management to then become one of the most recognisable illustrators in the Northern Suburbs.

Leonard French - Brunswick Daily
The Boy from Brunswick

The Boy from Brunswick

What does the magnificent stained glass ceiling of the Great Hall of the National Gallery of Victoria have to do with Brunswick?

The answer is Leonard French. A Brunswick artist "delighted in publicly roasting the Australian art establishment, seeing its art historians, curators and cavilling newspaper critics as his natural enemies".

Learn more about him or teach us something about him in this article.