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DANKE – Scavenger Hunt Route

Author: Scavenger Hunt

Danke - Brunswick Daily

This route is for those who enjoy long adventures. By doing this route you’ll travel across suburbs and you’ll find details that maybe you never paid attention to before! We strongly recommend you to do this route by bike. Alternatively, you can shorten this route by picking up one of the stops halfway through and starting your hunt there!

Danke - Brunswick Daily

To make your experience easier and support local businesses and artists, follow these three simple steps along the route:

Scavenger Hunt - Brunswick Daily


Not too far off St. Georges Road, you will find the German English Bilingual School or Deutsche Schule Melbourne. From this spot located in Fitzroy North, you will travel to Brunswick!

Click on the image below to find the exact location.

Deutsche Schule Melbourne - Brunswick Daily

Next Stop: Head West or the opposite direction to St Georges Road. Look into the school and you’ll find the first piece of art inside of it!


ABER comes from Germany and he happens to teach at this school! The vitrais painting that you can see through the fence was his first piece of work in Melbourne. In it, he captures many values in both English and German. Can you spot which one in English corresponds to its German version?

Take a pic and tag the artist: @aber.artist

Values - Brunswick Daily

Next Stop: Keep going West until you find Dean Street.


Time for recess! Right in front of the door through which kids go out to take a break from their lessons, you can see purple graffiti with birds and curious characters that look back at the school building. This was one of ABER’s earliest collaborations in Melbourne.

Click on the image below to find the exact location.

Take a pic and tag the artist: @aber.artist / @portzilla_ / @kid_silk

Hi Kids

Next Stop: Park Street Cafe


Park Street runs from East to West across Fitzroy and Brunswick. This street welcomes runners, walkers, cyclists, and on this occasion, scavengers! Right where Park Street meets Nicholson Street, you will find an island where street art makes a presence in the form of green bicycles.

Mike Makatron, Bryan Itch, Conrad Bizjak and Bailer collaborated to make this happen. Take a look at the details while you have a coffee from Park Street Coffee!

Take a pic and tag the artists: @mike.makatron @bryan_itch @conrad_bizjak @bailer_ 

Bicycles - Brunswick Daily

Next Stop: First Nations character.


Not too far from Park Street Coffee, you will find an insightful piece that will easily grab your attention. Artists Adnate and Plea combined forces to create this powerful painting.

Take a pic and tag the artists: @adnate / @plea_one 

Adnate - Brunswick Daily

Next Stop: Brunswick, here we go!


Continue your quest for Street Art by heading West towards Lygon Street. At the very corner of Lygon and Luscombe Streets, you will find a wall that shouts collaboration! Many styles and colours mingle harmoniously here!

Click on the image below to find the exact location.

Take a pic and tag the artist: @bogg_trotter / @thomaskilroc

Luna Sage - Brunswick Daily

Next Stop: It’s me, Mario!


Go deeper into Brunswick to find an iconic character from the video game Mario Bros in this piece. Do you remember the name of this character?

Click on the image below to find the exact location.

Take a pic and tag the artists: @lingerid @danny_awes 

Toad - Brunswick Daily

Next Stop: Go North along Ewing Street!


Just a couple of hundred meters from the previous stop, you will find this corner where stories live. We asked one of the artists about his work, can you spot it based on his answer?

“I painted this in May 2018. I was invited to paint this wall by Ends, a graffiti artist who I have always looked up to and one of the founders of my crew TMPS. Shame, another friend of ours, had organised the wall to celebrate our friend Nedc, a Japanese graffiti artist, who was visiting Melbourne at the time. 

I showed up to the wall and Ends handed me a box of paint and said these are your colours, here is your ladder, don’t drink too many beers until you finish. 

This wall was never finished completely as you might be able to tell. A lot of background is missing and the colours have faded since we first painted it.

Paint fades and walls don’t always get finished but walls like this are always so much fun to be a part of. “

Click on the image below to find the exact location.

Take a pic and tag the artist: @heesco / @portzilla_

Heesco - Brunswick Daily

Next Stop: Rhino and birds


Brunswick’s street art can transport you to new unexplored worlds. That’s the case with this jungle-ish wall! We invite you to take a pause here, have a sip of water and get a feeling of travel and adventure while looking at this wall.

Take a pic and tag the artist: @mrstevecross

Steve Cross

Next Stop: Birds ahead!


Time to head towards another iconic road in Brunswick. Walk or ride towards Sydney Road along Weston Street but just before you get there, stop and listen to the birds sing.

Whit this piece, ABER captured the diversity of many birds from around the world. He believes this diversity is also a Brunswick characteristic. Can you name any of these birds?

Take a pic and tag the artist: @aber.artist

Crazy Birds - Brunswick Daily

Next Stop: Coffee


After the birds concert, take a break at Clinker. This espresso bar offers delicious coffee and pastries. The shop owner, Damian, is a talented barista and a great person to have a chat with!

Click here to go to your Passport! Show it to get a discount!

Challenge: ask Damian for an autograph, take a photo of it and tag @clinker_brunswick

Clinker - Brunswick Daily

Next Stop: the Mayans


Again, travel through time and across oceans through Brunswick Street Art. This hidden gem could be hard to find to the common eye but for you who have become an expert maybe it won’t be that hard. Head towards Sparta Place, a commercial corridor and find the ancient culture of Mayans playing a game of parallel realities with graffiti.

Click on the image to find the exact location.

Take a pic and tag the artist: @mrstevecross / @dvate / @kentaylorart

Mayan - Brunswick Daily

Next Stop: As urban as it gets.


This piece has been intervened by time and publicity. ABER and Plea collaborated to portray characters that combine nature with robotics.

Take a pic and tag the artist: @plea_one / @aber.artist

Plea - Brunswick Daily

Around this area, we recommend you to visit Oven Street Bakery and/or Kines that offer delicious bread and sandwiches that you can buy to bring to the final event!

Next Stop: BIG is coming!


Yes, the time for bigger pieces has come! Ideal Dreams is the first of two big murals in this route. Artists Camscale and Bailer joined forces to make dreams come true!

Take a pic and tag the artist: @camscale / @bailer_

Ideal Dreams - Brunswick Daily

Next Stop: Is that train stop a gallery room?


If you continue walking North along the train lines you will find Anstey Station. We recommend you to step into the train stop itself to gain full perspective and admire this gorgeous piece from the distance.

Take a pic and tag the artists:  @loretta_lizzio / @camscale

Loreta Lizzio - Brunswick Daily

Next Stop: Leunig’s fauna


Head back to Sydney Road and find this amazing piece at Stewart Street (click on the image below to find the exact location).

Minna Leunig has established her style with beautiful and playful and beautiful characters! On this occasion, she used pink and red to capture them. Their eyes stare at you attentively.

Take a pic and tag the artist: @minnaleunig

Leunig - Brunswick Daily

Next Stop: Lane Mythology


Take a big jump from your previous stop and find ABER’s best kept secret. In a hidden lane, you will find a gorgeous owl guarded by two Greek gods. Isn’t it amazing how ABER was able to play with a roller door’s texture and bricks?

(this spot is quite a hidden gem – click on the image below to find it on maps)

Take a pic and tag the artist: @aber.artist

Aber - Brunswick Daily

Next Stop: Creativity in a Studio!


Moss Studios are a creative hub in Brunswick. Drop by and ask about their Scavenger Hunt deals using your passport.

MOSS STUDIOS - Brunswick Daily


Final Stop - Brunswick Daily

Thanks to the amazing businesses that support this Scavenger Hunt!

Sponsors - Brunswick Daily
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