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3 Running Routes for Brunswick

Author: Pablo Gonzalez

Illustrator: Licenciado Dominguez

Running in Brunswick

Melbourne Marathon Festival is just around the corner and runners couldn’t be more excited! Last year the event was cancelled due to the pandemic so we’re really looking forward to running next December 11th and 12th to celebrate the feeling of crossing the end line with the rest of the community.

On this occasion, I would like to share with you three routes in Brunswick that you can replicate or adapt depending on your location and your routine. 

Route 1

Total distance: 10k

Click on the image to see the route on Strava

This route is phenomenal to run at a steady pace and have a nice change of scenery while you run. With a total elevation gain of 39m (Melbourne’s marathon elevation gain is 218m), this route is quite flat and you can avoid annoying stops because most of it runs along tracks that only cut through big roads. The view also varies which I find mentally refreshing because you get the urban feeling while you can also enjoy running along the Merri Creek.

Route 2

Total distance: 16k

Click on the image to see the route on Strava 

This route is more challenging and longer than the previous one and maybe a bit more fun for the same reason. With a total elevation gain of 106m this route takes you to the Moonee Ponds Creek which is the west border of our suburb. This creek connects with the Capital City Trail which will bring you back to Brunswick through Royal Park. If you wish to increase or reduce the distance of this route use the Princes Park track.

Route 3

Total Distance: 32k

Click on the image to see the route on Strava 

The Capital City Trail is a beautiful route for you to do a long run while enjoying our city. You get it all, good elevation gain (187m), running along the Yarra through many suburbs including the CBD finding landmarks such as the Victorian Arts Centre, the MCG, and the Royal Botanic Gardens. You will also run past the beautiful Abbotsford Convent and the Melbourne Zoo. Strictly speaking, the Capital City Trail is a 29.6km circuit but the route I’m sharing with you has an extra tail which you can choose to do or not.

Let me also share with you some links for the upcoming Melbourne Marathon:

Frequently asked questions.

Register here.

Course map.

And finally four curious facts about our city’s 42.195 route:

  1. The first Melbourne Marathon started in Frankston and went directly up Nepean Hwy to St Kilda Rd with the finish in front of the Melbourne Town Hall. Today the marathon ends at the MCG.
  2. Australian runner Sinead Diver is the fastest female to have ever run the marathon with a record that stands at 2:25:19 since 2018.
  3. Kenyan Dominic Ondoro is the fastest male runner with a record of 2:10:47 established back in 2013.
  4. The fastest wheelchair time record was established in 1995 by Brendon Milgate with a total time of 1:41:07
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