Aug 4, 2021 | Community

3 things you (probably) didn’t know about Brunswick Library

Author: Pablo Gonzalez

Brunswick’s library is located at the corner of Sydney Rd and Dawson St, it is a beautiful Art Deco building that used to be a theatre and it’s right next to Brunswick’s Town Hall. But you most likely already knew these things, this article is about three things that you (probably) didn’t know:

Join online.

If you’re not a member yet you can easily join online. Membership is free and your card gives you access to the five libraries within Moreland and an e-library. The online membership form is short and easy to fill out. Click here to do it for yourself or for someone who is not very tech-savvy. 

Number of items you can borrow.

If someone asked me I wouldn’t have guessed the total number of items you can take from the library. You can get up to 50 physical items on your card! You can borrow all you can find in the library except for reference books, local history material, current magazines and newspapers. Learn more about how and what to borrow here.

Suggest a new library item.

This one really surprised me. If you’re thinking of a book you really want to read but are not sure about buying it, you can make a suggestion online. Suggesting doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get it, talk to your librarian, they also offer the option of requesting a purchase (purchase requests have to be done in person though).

So now you know, make the most out of your library. Become a member, item up and make suggestions!

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