Jun 9, 2022 | Food & Drink

Straight from the Keg

Author: Leonard Bernardone

CBCB - Brunswick Daily

Walking into Cold Brew Coffee Bar (or CBCB for short) there are two distinct features that immediately catch the eye. One of them is Felicia, the five year old fiddle-leaf fig plant that climbs from the floor all the way up to the ceiling. The other one is the collection of pub-esque taps lining the counter, serving up not beer, but cold-brew coffee straight from the keg!

Cold Brew Coffee Bar - Brunswick Daily

Felicia observes the coffee taps from the background. Photo: CBCB

As the name suggests, CBCB specialises in cold-brew coffees directly on tap. Of the signature blends available, one can expect to find rotating single-origin brews, mocktails, decaf, and the highly popular nitro brew – a crisp, rich and frothy coffee that we’ve not found anywhere else in Brunswick.

The space opened up early 2022 by Corey Cresswell – a long-time local with a passion for cafes and a deep appreciation of Brunswick. And while the business operates on a unique concept, CBCB really shines via Corey’s deep knowledge and appreciation of coffee, cafe culture and Brunswick. 

“I like coffee, I like tea, and I like hanging out in cafes. I’ve lived around the corner for 23 years and I just love Brunswick. It’s my home, basically my family.”

In addition to co-owning CBCB, Corey actually works a full-time job five days a week. Yet, he can be found manning the cafe every morning, serving up super-knowledgeable chitchats and a plethora of caffeine wizardry before tagging out with a staff member to head out to his day-job. 

Corey Cresswell - Brunswick Daily

“… I just love Brunswick. It’s my home, basically my family.” Corey tells us. Photo: Brunswick Daily.

When asked what drove him to open a cafe while maintaining a full-time career, Corey cited the Brunswick community and some close-knit friendships as his inspiration. CBCB is positioned right next to long-running cafe, Juanito’s, and together, Corey and Juanito have fostered a communal relationship between their cafes, rather than a competitive one. 

“I’m a long-time local, and over the years I’ve spent way too much time at Juanito’s. We became great friends over the years, so when this space became available I jumped at the chance.” 

Whereas rivaling businesses typically keep a distance from one another, CBCB and Juanito’s can be found proudly sporting each other’s merch and drinking each other’s coffee. Their menus and offerings compliment one another, and form an independent-yet-cohesive cafe experience out of the corner of Albert St.

“We welcome each other’s customers all the time. People can bring a roll inside here and have a cold brew or tea or juice with it if they like. And, naturally, vice versa. We love the community, and we’re ultimately trying to activate the space.” 

Juanitos + CBCB - Brunswick Daily

Juanito’s and CBCB brew-mance on Albert Street. Photo: CBCB

It speaks volumes to the spirit of Brunswick for a business to prioritise community over profit, and it’s this approach that makes the newly-formed cafe feel familiar and at home right in the center of Brunswick. 

Stepping into CBCB is a very amicable experience, full of great drinks, great food, and customers that are already becoming regulars. And if that isn’t warming enough, CBCB is also well-stocked for the winter season.

In addition to their rich & eclectic range of cold brews, CBCB houses both a rotating hot-soup menu and some of Brunswick’s finest tea on offer! We’re particular fans of their tea from Kuura – a Yunnan-based tea outlet working with a rare, regional type of pu-erh. 

Tea, cakes, and coffee - Brunswick Daily

Coffee, tea, and cakes are part of an expansive menu at CBCB. Photo: CBCB

Between the unique and expansive menu, the niche tap-based barista work, the cozy brick-and-mortar space, and the people-first attitude of CBCB, you’re sure to find something in this young Brunswick mainstay that’ll keep you coming back. 

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