Dec 21, 2020 | Retail

It’s about being yourself – The 3056

Author: Pablo Gonzalez

Illustrator: Pedrirou

Is an entrepreneur born or made? This question sparks debates on many tables. I can imagine universities discussing the curricula for an engaging MBA program or policymakers deciding whether to invest tax money in programs that encourage grassroots programs to commercialise an innovative idea.

Thinking about the origin of her entrepreneurial spirit takes Carolyn Zorzi back to when she was a child in Toronto, Canada organising garage sales in her home. “I always liked giving something in return for something else. I just loved the exchange… if you give me money, I’ll give you cookies or lemonade!” she tells me while she fondly remembers her early years as a childtrepreneur (yes, I just coined the term childtrepreneur).

Well, that childtrepreneur grew and came to Brunswick to explore other trade opportunities. When COVID happened she got spare time to find out that her passion for traveling, food, and sales could be combined with her love for jewels. While working at Ten Tables on Albert Street, and completing a certificate in nutrition, she has visualised and materialised an idea.

“Making affordable things for the everyday person is exciting!” she says when describing what The 3056 – a venture she recently started – brings to those who are craving for price-accessible jewellery. Brunswick is known for setting fashion trends in Melbourne’s scene with a clear message – you don’t need no extra money to afford what you want to wear while making it look good!

Will Smith I Make This Look Good Men in Black

So, “…why not instead of making jewellery so expensive and out of reach for the average person we produce something that is cute, good quality, and affordable!”. The 3056 cutely curates pretzel necklaces, fortune cookie earrings, and fish bracelets. The phrases “act confidently and no one will question you”, which she recalls from a conversation with a friend, and “it’s all about being yourself” represent the spirit of her brand. 

The 3056 combines that feeling of freedom and self-confidence with the power of teleportation that wearing cool accessories can bring you. “If I could have a hotdog on one ear and a pretzel on the other, I feel like I’m in New York walking down the road and grabbing a hotdog!”. For Brunswick and Melbourne, she adds, these items might be a coffee bean, a coffee cup, a football, or an espresso martini!” 

Illustration by Pedrirou

With all the restrictions, it’s hard to make a solid plan but at the moment, the strategy for The 3056 is to be part of a makers market, grow the number of clients, and come up with more products. “Maybe I’ll come out with the Melbourne collection!” she says smiling 🙂

Carolyn closes our interview saying “Life’s too short to follow everybody else” and we couldn’t agree more! 

We invite you to explore more about The 3056, embrace the cute quirkiness of its jewellery and buy online;

Shop: – free delivery all across Brunswick!


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