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Feb 14, 2023 | Sparking Match

The Wurun

Author: Pablo Gonzalez

The Wurun - Brunswick Daily

My branches remember
My roots can perceive
My leaves are awaiting
For you to believe

I remember you fondly
We all are the same
Together we’ve crafted
The land we observe

Tomorrow will come
Tomorrow will fade
The many collections
Our past can’t compel

Caress me, my daughter
We all are the same
The Magpie, the Joey
The land we observe

The wind is our saviour
The wind is our strength
It lets us remember
We’re here to forget

Embrace me, my sister
We all are the same
The Possum, the River
The land we observe

I wished time would let me
To be and forget
And the wind would be stronger
To blow thunders away

Protect me, my brother
We all are the same
The Crow and the Grub
The land we observe

Remember we’re stardust
Remember no names
We’re nothing but shadows
We’re nothing but space

We all are the same
as far as I see
My leaves are awaiting
For you to believe

The Wurundjeri Woi-Wurrung people are the traditional owners of the waterways that refresh and feed our soil, the traditional custodians of the land we currently call Brunswick, and the traditional tellers of nature stories.

The word Wurundjeri combines two separate Woi-Wurrung terms. Wurun means Manna Gum and Djeri means grub. They both coexist, they both protect and take care of each other, they both witness time and events.

The poem above is an acknowledgement of land. It was my intention to write it from the objective, omnipresent, and transcendent perspective of a Manna Gum tree. Its words carry humility, intention, and a deep sense of love.

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14/07/2022 10:34 pm

Very nice poem