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3 Experiences to enjoy Brunswick during Lockdown

Author: Pablo Gonzalez

Holidays in Brunswick

The life we’re currently living is very different. So we have produced something unique to meet and create new expectations during lockdown. While many of the things we’re used to doing can’t happen these days, we also have the opportunity to keep exploring and learning from our own creative and lively suburb which always has a lot to offer.

On this occasion, we have prepared three routes for you to explore Brunswick as a holiday destination! You can support local businesses, get an alternative outlet for your thoughts, and hopefully bring a different perspective to your day.

  • Route 1. Wild Wild West Brunswick (2.4km). This route is ideal for those who like coffee, reading and walking. Commence your trip with a nice coffee from Lolo and Wren, they have plenty of takeaway options. You can then find something new to read in one of the Little Free Libraries that are on your way to Gilpin Park. Yes, you can grab a book from Biblioteca de Mariquitas (Ladybird Garden Library) or from the Bimble Cottage.
Route 1 - Brunswick Daily

Wild Wild West Brunswick (click on the image to see the map)

  • Route 2. Parks and arts (1.8km). This route is phenomenal if you’re interested in finding a new book, walking your dog, and you’re looking for an urban museum. Bryant’s Books is another Little Free Library and you can read whatever you find there while your dog socialises in Fleming Park. Grab a coffee afterwards at Ten Tables and let the caffeine effects take you to a former synagogue (today it’s a house) which is right next to Methven Park where you will find art in hidden spots. End your journey with an ice cream at Beku on Lygon Street.
Route 2 - Brunswick Daily

Parks and arts (click on the image to see the map)

  • Route 3. Carb up (2.2). Because of the many shops and restaurants, Sydney Road always gives us the feeling of socialising even during lockdown. This route will let you walk down this busy street while you fill up your carbs supply of the day. Albert Street Cafe, a cute little old building next to the train line is the first stop. We then suggest you grab a French nibble at Choukette. With your coffee and pastry, you can go find a book at Annie Borat Street Library, a beach hut inspired box of surprises. With a book in hand, walk back to Sydney Road and get an ice cream at Billy Van Creamy. Lastly, burn those carbs at Princes Park and enjoy the rest of your trip!
Route 3 - Brunswick Daily

Carb up! (click on the image to see the map)

We hope you enjoy these routes. Let them feel like an adventure, a trip, and an escape from lockdown. Bring a backpack, take photos (and tag us if you publish them using #brunswickholidays), and let others know you’re having an adventure at Brunswick.

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David Hack
David Hack
09/09/2021 1:06 pm

Nice, this is great! Thanks a bunch!

10/09/2021 4:25 pm

Bryant’s Books (route 2) will be putting out delicious home-made bickies on Saturday 🙂