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What will you do if you DON’T win the election?

Author: Pablo Gonzalez

State Elections - Brunswick Daily

Next November 26, we will vote to elect our Lower and Upper Houses’ Members of Parliament (MPs).

A very typical question to ask candidates prior to the elections is what will you do if you win? This is where campaign lingo kicks in. Policies and promises are made. This is something that we definitely want to know if we want to make an informed decision the day of the election.

Nevertheless, I decided to ask Lower House candidates for Brunswick’s District a slightly different version of this question. I chose the question what will you do if you DON’T win the election? I found candidates’ answers uncovered many nuances upon which you can potentially inform your decision in front of the ballot paper during the last weekend of November election.

Mike, Nahui, Tim, Rachel, and Shea all agreed to wear “Deloris the Hat“. They are all passionate people with very human stories to tell. Click on their photo to visit the party’s website.

Australian Labor Party - Brunswick DailyMike Williams (Australian Labour Party): “I will return to my union organising, fighting for the rights of working people to get better pay and conditions and continue to be involved in my local community. I will also dedicate myself to the movement led by First Nations people to realise the Uluru Statement from the Heart”.

Victorian Socialists - Brunswick Daily

Nahui Jiménez (Victorian Socialists):  “I am first and foremost an activist -not a politician. I will continue to campaign for refugee rights like I’ve done for the last two years with the medevac/park hotel refugees, I will continue to build and strengthen the environmental movement in Melbourne which needs to be revitalised if we are going to push the government to take real action on climate.”

Greens Party - Brunswick Daily

Tim Read (Australian Greens Victoria): “I’ll find another job. I’m not sure whether I’ll go back to medical practice but it will be something medical. Whether it’s public health, medical practice, or health policy. I’ll cross that bridge after I have a holiday. If I don’t win, I’ll have a holiday”.

Animal Justice Party - Brunswick Daily

Rachel Lamarche (Animal Justice Party): “I will just continue to advocate for animals in other ways. To advocate for animals is ultimately the meaning of my existence. That’s why I find ways to always be part of those conversations. I just find it to be my purpose.”

Reason - Brunswick Daily

Shea Evans (Reason Party): “Continue to advocate for the things that I find important from politics and public life in general. I’m also a member of a Council Advisory Group on Environmental Sustainability and that’s another way for me to get involved with the community”.

Liberal Party of Australia - Brunswick Daily

Minh Quan Nguyen (Liberal Party of Australia): “Continue to support the community with what I’m currently doing. I work in a number of community organisations in Melbourne northern suburbs, including the Footscray Asian Business Association”. **We couldn’t take photo with “Deloris the hat” to Minh**

Indigenous Aboriginal Party of Australia - Brunswick Daily

Ken Taylor (Indigenous-Aboriginal Party of Australia): After the joyful nightmare of campaigning for a very new party, I will continue with some of the connections made. I will also enjoy the return to a more relaxed “bohemian artisan” lifestyle. I will continue to close involvement in his neighbourhood, sometimes out to cause trouble, but always delighted by the world-wide diversity of this community.

Anthony Helou (Independent candidate): We couldn’t reach Anthony.

Lilian Sabry Shaker (Family First Victoria): We couldn’t reach Lilian.


NOTE 1: The order in the responses of the candidates above and in the images displayed only reflects the same order of the interviews conducted by Brunswick Daily.

NOTE 2: The candidates mentioned above are the ones that have given their responses to Brunswick Daily on the date this article was updated.

Visit the Victorian Electoral Commission to make sure your details are up to date, to learn the new electoral boundaries (particularly important for Brunswick West residents), and to learn more about candidates and registered parties.

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