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All ice cream & gelato in Brunswick

Author: Pablo Gonzalez

Ice cream and Gelato in Brunswick - Brunswick Daily

What is summer without the sweet, tasty, and flavoursome treat that materialises happiness? Yes, ice creams, gelatos, and sorbets are the equivalent of good memories, cheerful days, and smiley faces. I could go on and on giving compliments to maybe everyone’s favourite dessert but I’d rather tell you where to find them in Brunswick.

And on this occasion, I believe our list is exhaustive. This means that the following catalogue includes all the ice cream/gelato shops in Brunswick! We have ordered them in alphabetical order aiming not to give preference to anyone in particular so we invite you to check them all because they’re very unique! 

Tip: click on the name of the shop to see it on maps 🙂

Beku Gelato

Located at the heart of Lygon Street this Asian inspired gelato bar has recipes that will put your taste buds to the test. Beku means “frozen” in Bahasa Indonesian and with its excentric name comes a list of flavours like UBE (a purple yam originally from the Philippines), KHEER (Indian inspired Milky gelato with Cinnamon and Cardamom infused), or their latest item INJEOLMI (based on Korean, Japanese, and Malaysian flavours).

Billy Van Creamy

This relatively new shop on Sydney Road seems to have come to stay. The pastel green with which the walls are covered make you feel… mmm.. well, creamy! With all the yummy classics Billy Van Creamy also has seasonal flavours like hot cross buns, or Almond Biscotti & Almond Caramel. Trust me, they’re creaminally good!

Gelateria Bico 

I love this gelateria because it takes you directly to Italy! Its design is clean, elegant, and sharp and so are their gelato flavours. Just check the name of their most recent special “white chocolate gelato swirled with house made mixed berry purée”, I mean, wow! They also make delicious sorbets perfect for a hot day. My personal recommendation for a sunny day is the prickly pear sorbetti!

Gelo Bar

Another gelato shop comes to our list. These guys differentiate from the other shops because they not only produce gelato but also other sweets like croissants, doughnuts, and cannolis!

Icecream Social

This shop is also relatively new to Brunswick. Right in the middle of the action on Sydney Road, these guys have a set-up that makes you wonder if this is what ice cream shops looked like at the extinct USSR. They have delicious ice cream flavours but let me focus on their quirky, hilarious, and protest-banner-like cakes with phrases like “let’s try to stay negative”, “Free Britney” or, “Honk if you’re hangry”.

Lagom Gelateria

Located on the top end of Brunswick’s share of Sydney Road, Lagom Gelateria brings gelato to the northern side of our suburb. They have vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free & Halal options and the flavours on their menu are constantly changing. Swing by this summer to have a cotton candy gelato or a strawberry sorbet!

Luther’s Scoops

Self-defined as an ice creamery, this shop is a bit hidden if you don’t pay close attention. You can find them on Blyth Street not too far from Sydney Road. They have the classic flavours, seasonal ones, and they’re also known by locals for their rhubarb custard pies.


These guys need very little introduction. Messina is an Australian icon and this is no coincidence. Their range of flavours is wide and their quality is superb. Curiously, they didn’t pick a hot spot on our neighbourhood, you can find a humble counter within a warehouse on Weston Street.

Zero Gradi

Last but not least comes another gelateria to our list. Zero Gradi is the perfect option for having gelato after lunch or dinner at one of the many restaurants around it on Lygon Street. Their design takes you directly to a Mediterranean summer vacation, fresh colours, light memories and flavoursome gelato and patisserie. You can’t miss it.

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I Will Fight You
I Will Fight You
12/11/2022 10:21 am

Luther’s is the best. See my name.